Monday, May 17, 2010

Can you suggest what type of flowers i should send to my 11 year old cousin's funeral?

I don't know whether to send something that the family can take home or what.

I would like to buy something for a child but so far the local florists websites (Haven't got to go to town yet) shows nothing for a child's funeral.

(My 11 year old cousin was killed Monday in a car accident)


Can you suggest what type of flowers i should send to my 11 year old cousin's funeral?
Sorry to hear about your must be hard, especially for a young girl.

I would send something to the house, like a basket of fuit, cracker, cheese, etc. So many people send flowers that they go to waste, a food basket is something they can use.

Good bless to you and your family.
Reply:I actually asked a question here last night.

MY daughter's half brother (6) was killed suddenly earlier this week (drowning). I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to send flowers since the children never knew each other (deadbeat dad to both of them).

I decided that since he was so young, his mother likely didn't have life insurance on him. Instead, I sent a fifty dollar payment towards his funeral expenses to the funeral home handling his family and signed the payment from my daughter (his sister). A little help is far more practical than flowers in these times.

Just a suggestion.
Reply:I like the idea about sending money or a fruit basket, that will probably be more help than flowers but if you choice to go with flowers talk to some people and find out what the colors they choice to go with on the casket, or go to this web site... They have pretty idea's that you might be able to have them make up at your local flower store, or it will give you cute ideas that you could mix together. Good luck and Sorry, prayers with the family.
Reply:first of all im sorry to hear that and second of all some white roses i think
Reply:the best flowers to send are red for love and white for peace and harmony, i also know what it is like to loose someone so young and close my girl friend lost her son 3days before he was 8months old due to a syndrome that is very rare.
Reply:You could send a peace lily. My dad passed away 5 years ago and I still have the one from his funeral.
Reply:My condolences. That is absolutely tragic. Was your cousin a boy or a girl? If a girl, I would suggest some pretty pale pink flowers (depending what is in season in your country) and if a boy, I would choose something with pale yellow or white. Something pretty and gentle.

You may want to look into donating a sum of money into a charity for children in your cousin's name - his or her parents would appreciate the gesture.

I am very sorry for your terrible loss. x

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