Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flowers for a cremation?

Unfortunately, a friend's mother died last week and she is being cremated. I was just wondering how it works with flowers at a cremation? At a funeral you can place flowers beside the graveside, but as I have never been to a cremation before, i was wondering what to do.

Please help!

Flowers for a cremation?
usually the family will notify whether they wish flowers or not

and any flowers brought will be placed at the service and people will read them afterwards

it is optional
Reply:It's no different that a "traditional" funeral. I would think about asking the family, they may perfer you make a donation in the person's name to a group that supports / reseaches whatever they died from.

My sympathies for your friend's loss.
Reply:yes, send flowers. that is very nice.
Reply:yes or a vessel for the ashes
Reply:Some families will have flowers divided up between family members to take home others will donate to a nursing home.

Some Nursing Homes has a group of more capable residents that enjoy arranging the flowers into smaller bouquets and then they are shared with those who are room bound.
Reply:From previous funerals and cremations that I have attended, this is what I can offer ... nobody actually attends the cremation portion of the service. There might be a service in the funeral chapel, or the chapel of the crematorium (if it has one), but not during the actual cremation itself. If there is an inurnment to follow (the burial of the urn which contains the ashes), many people like to each put a rose in the grave after the urn has been placed. It is a kind tribute to the deceased. However, if there is no inurnment (assuming that the urn may be given to a relative to keep), then I would suggest flowers for the persons who have the urn. I know it's a difficult time for people, and your kindness will be greatly appreciated.
Reply:my grampie recently died (june 1st) and my grandmother had a veiwing of the body before they did the cremation and they layed the roses on his chest ♥
Reply:I have worked in the floral industry and went through a cremation funeral a few years ago with my mother's death. That said, each funeral director has their own way of doing things which usually includes a stand (much like typical funeral) for the flower arrangements and/or plants. (hint) If you send your flowers/plants to the funeral home in advance, the director/or visiting florists will set it all up for you.
Reply:The flowers are usually placed around a photo of the deceased at the service
Reply:You wont view the cemation - it will be a memorial service %26amp; a urn of some sort will be there - it contains the loved ones ashes. Any flower arrangement that is appropriate for a casket funeral service is still appropriate when someone has been cremated.

Hope that helps.
Reply:You won't be at the actual cremation. You will attend a memorial service. Flowers are perfectly acceptable, and are usually of the sort that family members of the deceased can take them home for decor after the memorial.

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