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What to bring to a funeral viewing?

A grandmother of a friend of mine passed away the other day and I want to go but I don't know what to bring to the viewing. Should I bring flowers, card, etc.?

What to bring to a funeral viewing?
It's not traditional to take anything to the viewing. Either send a card or have flowers delivered to the funeral home (or where ever the funeral will be held). Some people will state in the obituary to not send flowers or to donate to a charity in the deceased's name instead.
Reply:Flowers and a card are good gifts for a funeral. Occasionally families do not want flowers, but if this is the case it is stated clearly on the announcement. If you can afford it, have the flowers sent ahead of time as that way you won't have to wonder where to put them or who to give them to when you get there. That way is easier for the recipients too. If that works out too expensive, then you can call the place where the viewing is and ask them where to put the flowers when you bring them. That way the family doesn't have to worry about having their hands full while greeting guests. At some point later they will have time to look at the cards and flowers and will be happy to see your gift.
Reply:if you want to bring something to show your condolences a plant is much better than flowers. Plants last longer, and they show life. Flowers die, and when they die it could remind the person of their grandmothers death. It can be very emotional having to trash something that reminds you of someones life ending, it might make them feel their throwing a part of the persons life away. does that make any sense?

however, dont feel as if you HAVE to bring something. The fact that you are willing to support your friend in this time of needs shows true frienship, and sometimes that is what us humans need most.
Reply:Usually people dont bring stuff to the viewing. you might want to look in the obituaries in your local paper. some people request in leu of (instead of) flowers they'd rather you make a donation to a charity of their choice. my grandpa just died this past march and he wanted donations to be sent to st. judes hospital for children. If you want you can send a card to the home, or send flowers to the funeral home. flowers just get thrown out most of the time tho. i've also seen people sending throws (kinda like a nice blanket) with religious sayings on them. you could also call the funeral home and ask if they know of any charities the family set up. the people at the funeral home are really nice and will help you.
Reply:If you wish to contribute flowers you should contact a florist and have them delivered. People often bring condolence cards to the wake. If you do you will discover a place set aside by the funeral director for cards to be left. The family will see the cards after the funeral.
Reply:You don't bring anything. . .If you wanted to give flowers, you have them sent to the funeral home, or to the house of the family. A mass card can be brought with you, but typically a sympathy card should just be mailed.
Reply:Just attending is a gift in itself. If you feel an absolute need to contribute something, there are usually mass cards along with an envelope which you can put a few dollars in for the needs of the family.
Reply:Ask the family if there is a charity that Grandma supported, if not just bring yourself, and support your friend thru this hard time.
Reply:I havent brought anything to a viewing before...I would either mail a card or SEND flowers to the funeral.
Reply:At the viewing you bring nothing, but at the funeral get a card and put money in it.
Reply:Most people will just sho up but bringing flowers is a great idea some people will do that toooo!
Reply:Come as you are. Just don't wear a sports jersey or an oversized hat.
Reply:You don't bring flowers , you have them delivered by the florist. Send a card to the home of the family.
Reply:Nothing. Just showing up is fine.
Reply:Flowers would be best with a card
Reply:bring just yourself at the viewing
Reply:All you need to do is show up and be solemn
Reply:bring your self and share your grief with those who have lost a loved one......that's all...

Reply:A case of Bud always works well with my family.
Reply:Wear a clown costume and lift everyone's spirit.

Reply:a flask


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