Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What to write on Funeral flower card?

My Girlfirends Grandmother died, and i am sending a Flower stand to the Funeral home. However I dont know what to write on the crad, what do you ussually write. any help would be GREAT

What to write on Funeral flower card?
The florist usually can help you out. Keep it short and to the point.

I'm sorry for your loss

My deepest sympathy

My deepest condolences.
Reply:Sorry for you loss. Please let me know if you need anything.
Reply:just write on the card that your sorry about your loss and then sign it
Reply:life is like a beautiful melody,

only the lyrics are sometimes messed up..

sorry for your loss..
Reply:wake up Jack A*s
Reply:Peace. Write something about peace. Peace be with you. May you have peace.
Reply:so sorry for your loss

my deepest condolences

my thoughts are with you
Reply:life goes on %26amp; on.....?

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