Thursday, April 30, 2009

What do people do with the flowers after the funeral?

I know that some are left at the grave, but what about all the other flowers? There are usually so much, and I'm just stumped as to where they go afterwards? Do they leave the flowers in the church? Do the family members bring the flowers home?

What do people do with the flowers after the funeral?
They keep it for memories.
Reply:Perhaps you can donate them to a church. Many of them use flowers to decorate their alters.
Reply:I work at a nursing home and we regularly receive flowers after the funerals of our past patients.
Reply:Some are taken other places (like churches or nursing homes) others are taken by the family. If they have any cut flowers, they might keep those and dry them. Just a little memento I guess.
Reply:Sincere people try to discard them on the burial place, but I also know people who recirculate them.
Reply:I worked at a funeral home for 8 years, most of the time they leave some at the gravesite and take the rest to nursing homes or terminal care floors at hospitals. It really makes other people's days to have fresh flowers around.
Reply:I worked as a florist for five years, and I have learned that if the flowers are fresh they are left at the graveside until they are wilted. Then, they are thrown away. If the flowers are silk, they are either left at the graveside until they are weathered, or they are taken home and stored to be displayed at a later date. I hope that helps!
Reply:I have been through many funerals and different people do different things. But I believe most families decide which flowers they want taken to the grave and then dispense the rest to the different family members. For example: Say you are the sister of the person who has past and your friend, work, ex-husband and neighbor all sent something to the funeral home. They would most likely give those to you to do with what you want.

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  1. I was unprepared for this question at my husband's funeral. His family came forward and laid claim to most of the floral arrangements to take home, and I didn't know anything about taking flowers to the grave site. My bad for not researching this in advance, I guess. But I kept a beautiful basket garden, and today, after seven years, it is still lovely and a wonderful reminder of the kindness of friends.